Belinda & Moon’s Wedding Dec 15, 2014

It was a typical rainy day in San Francisco during December.  We got our marriage license from City Hall at noon, followed by a very small ceremony in the Rotunda room on the 2nd floor of City Hall, and a cozy French American lunch at Absinthe within walking distance.  Our photographer Sara (who used to be my photography assistant) documented our wedding.  It was simple and perfect – exactly what we wanted!

A few other benefits to get married while I’m 35-week pregnant include:

  • No stress to choose among different wedding outfits – I only fit in one dress!
  • No need to hire make-up artist or stylist – I’m perfectly out of shape and it won’t make that much difference ;-)
  • No guilt about not inviting all our friends for a fancy wedding we didn’t want – our baby is perfect excuse!
  • Moon’s upper limit of any social gathering is 6 people – we met his criteria!
  • No big spending and big event planning, and we are happy!

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