2nd P – Photo Taking & Landscape Photography Tips

As introduced in my 3P Photo Creation Process, only the 2nd P – PHOTO TAKING – involves a camera.  There are many photography tips I’d like to share about photo taking skills and techniques, camera settings, camera and equipment.  However, without knowing your skill level, I might be sharing something too advanced or too basic.  I’d be very happy to hear from you and please let me know how long you have used a dSLR, and what you are most interested in photographing most, and what common questions you face and what you’d like to learn, so I can tailor my content more to your needs.

Below are some topics that interest many photo enthusiasts.  Each genre of photography requires different gear, skills.  If you are a beginner, you might want to try out different genres.  Over the time, you might find yourself more interested in one type of photographer than the other, and form your own style.


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