Day 36 – Grand Teton Rainbows

Day 36 – Grand Teton Rainbows

We have been to Grand Teton for several days.  I was expecting to capture its beautiful landscape in sunrise and sunset.  Unfortunately it rained everyday.  Plus, I have been coughing non stop the last few days and for most of the time could not complete a sentence more than 3 words.

Nevertheless, I pulled myself out of bed at 5am, and drove all the way to Cascade Turnout.  I don’t mind staying “speechless”, but don’t want to miss another day with possible great sunrise.  It drizzled on and off during the whole 45 minutes drive.  Guess what?  Five minutes after we parked and set up the tripod, it started to rain again.  We returned to the car, and sat in silence for a good 40 minutes, and decided to drive back.

If it weren’t for the wild animal ranger tour we signed up that afternoon, I probably would have spent the whole day sleeping.  I pulled myself out of bed again around 3pm and drove back to the park.

When a door is closed, don’t you know, another is open?

Day 36 - Grand Teton National Park-011-2


We weren’t lucky with sunrise, but we certainly didn’t expect to be so lucky with rainbows.  This is one of the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen.  I was in a passenger seat, and the rainbow was on the left.  We couldn’t stop the car because we were tailgating among the 10 cars for the ranger tour.  I had a telescope lens mounted on my camera (for wild animals) and could only take a snap shot through the driver window.  It was only half of the full rainbow, but it certainly light up my day.

Later in the tour we saw 3-4 other rainbows, all in different shape.  It was definitely a first time experience for me to see so many rainbows within one day.  Apparently a seemingly unlucky day turned around into an amazing one.  I must have been, once again, too lucky!

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