Day 68 – Morning Magic At Mesa Arch

Day 68 – Morning Magic At Mesa Arch

Today’s sunrise at Mesa Arch, Canyonlands National Park, UT.  In order to take this photo, I arrived at the park before midnight and stayed overnight at the vista.  Unexpectedly, two groups of photographers arrived after 6am (before my alarm went off) and almost didn’t leave me any spot.  So I guess it’s less important to arrive early than to arrive “just in time”.

This is definitely the most challenging photo I have ever taken.  It took me over 6 hours wait and over 1 hour different captures until the right time and color showed up.  Several professional photographer friends said this is the best photograph I’ve created.  I’d rather say my best works are still not created…  and each additional one is better than the last.  :-)

Day 68 - Mesa Arch Canyonlands NP-001

Here are some other pictures taken at Canyonlands National Park in the morning.  We drove to Capitol Reef National Park 3 hours later, and made a very brief visit along its scenic drive and Panorama Overlook.  Since our Airbnb stay for the night was 3 hours away, we skipped the sunset but overall are still satisfied with our productive day.


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