What’s Your Refund Policy?

Please note because our digital products are for immediate download and use, and because we are unable to deactivate your license to use our products, all sales are final and refunds and exchanges are not available.  We provide detailed information on how to use our products and the Adobe Lightroom software version required to use these products.  Please make sure to read thoroughly before purchase. 

What is required to use the presets?

1. You need to have Adobe Lightroom 4 or later version to be able to use these presets.  Any earlier version of Lightroom will not work with our products.  You can purchase the latest Adobe Lightroom software here, or get a free trial on the Adobe website.

2. You have read the copyright information and agreed to the terms of use above.  

Do I have to be an advanced Adobe Lightroom user in order to benefit from these presets?

Not at all.  In fact these presets are so easy to use - you need no Lightroom knowledge to use any of these presets.  Please check our video tutorial that outlines the details on how to use the presets.  We give sufficient examples (72 images) on how these presets work.