Ultimate Buying Guide For Your Iceland Landscape Photography Trip

I was super excited that my Iceland landscape photography workshop was sold out within one week.  In order to help my tour guests better prepare and participate my workshop, I've written an e-book Ultimate Buying Guide for Your Iceland Photo Trip (see Table of Contents below).  It's an easy read of 30+ pages filled with my personal advice from years of global travel and landscape photography experience.

Although some part of this ebook, e.g. what to pack for Iceland / clothing tips, is more Iceland related, majority of the content can be useful for anyone interested in landscape photography.  It would certainly be a must-read if you are interested in any of my future landscape photography workshops.

For a limited time, I'd like to share this e-book with you completely for FREE.   Hope it can help you better prepare for your next photo tour or vacation.

Landscape Photography In Iceland

Landscape Photography In Iceland

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