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3P Creation process

Essential Steps For Landscape Photography

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1st P - Planning & Logistics

It dawned on me that people are not aware of the importance of logistics behind taking a great photo.  For landscape photography in particular, improving the image quality could be as simple as shifting your photo time by one hour, or standing in a different spot…

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2nd P - Photo Taking

As introduced in my 3P Photo Creation Process, only the 2nd P – PHOTO TAKING – involves a camera.  There are many photography tips I’d like to share about photo taking skills and techniques, camera settings, camera and equipment.  However…

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3rd P - Post Processing

POST PROCESSING becomes a critical step to finalize your photo in digital photography.  If you have not learned how to post process, or are intimated by it, or have started but not mastered it due to a wrong or complicated workflow, read on…


Landscape Photography Learning Center

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