3P Creation Process Explained


“From film EOS3 to digital 20D, 5D, 5D Mark III, I’ve upgraded my camera and lenses every few years, but I still don’t know how to shoot.”  A student participating in my photography class told me recently.  In fact, I heard similar stories many times.

I also know quite a number of others who, despite using the same DSLR for some time, have no clue what the major modes and buttons are for.  It’s obvious to me there are two distinct types of amateur photographers:

  • People who are all about the technology, science and features of new equipment but barely pay attention to “seeing” and “feeling” the moment

  • People who enjoy feeling the moment and clicking the shutter without paying attention to technical details

No matter which route you take on first, you have to converge the two before mastering photography.  In fact, for landscape photography, the above convergence is only one component of my long advocated 3P creation process.


Landscape Photography Step by Step Tips & Tutorials

Belinda with fstop.jpg

1st P - Planning Tips for Landscape Photography

Belinda in the field-009.jpg

2nd P - Photo Taking Tips

Day 63 - White River National Forest, CO-001.jpg

3rd P - Post Processing Tips