1st P: planning & logistics

I have encountered many people who, after seeing my photos, asked me which camera I used (check out the full list of my photography gear).  I fully understand if they were beginners.  The fact is: some of them have already been photo enthusiasts for years.  They own and use DSLR, but have been stuck on the auto mode.  They believe others take better pictures because of better cameras.

It dawned on me that people are not aware of the importance of logistics behind taking a great photo.  For landscape photography in particular, improving the image quality could be as simple as shifting your photo time by one hour, or standing in a different spot.

I have created a short video below and summarized a number of articles regarding PLANNING & LOGISTICS, the 1st P of my 3P photo creation process. Please take a look at the following articles and see how planning and logistics can change your photo quality.  Last but not least, the best way to improve is to be out in the field and practice.