50s and Fabulous

At a nail salon this afternoon, I accidentally spot Dr. Phil’s latest TV talk show, 50s and fabulous. The guest audience was all women in their 50s. When Dr. Phil asked the guests if they felt fabulous about themselves, everyone raised hands with a shiny smile. It was such a thrilling scene!

Interestingly, I attended a party on the top floor of the Bank of America building after a nice French dinner at Les Amis in financial district. Without too much knowledge before the party, I found a surprisingly sophisticated and older single’s crowd. Many are probably in their 50s. At the dance floor, women in their graceful strapless gowns swung their bodies in unbeatable elegance, with glowing smile on their face. I could not say they all looked drop dead gorgeous, but they certainly looked fabulous to me. Unfortunately, the party turned into a huge emergency as someone fell to the floor unconscious in the middle of his dance. I did a little bit club hopping afterwards but found nothing too interesting.

I was still thinking about “50s and fabulous” on my way home. I wonder how many women, even if much younger than 50s, truly feel fabulous about themselves. When we spend money and time to improve our looks - from skin care, make-up, work out to outfit, we sometimes neglect a much more fundamental mental process of “feeling fabulous”.

I am still trying to understand whether Sigmund Freud’s “Weltanschauung” is the solution. In his definition, Weltanschauung is an intellectual construction which gives a unified solution of all the problems of our existence in virtue of a comprehensive hypothesis, a construction, therefore, in which no question is left open and in which everything in which we are interested finds a place. It is easy to see that the possession of such a Weltanschauung is one of the ideal wishes of mankind. When one believes in such a thing, one feels secure in life, one knows what one ought to strive after, and how one ought to organize one’s emotions and interests to the best purpose.

Anyway, I am by no means an expert of “feeling fabulous”. At least it is one of my goals, for today, tomorrow, until in my 50s and after...