Angel Falls at dawn - world's highest waterfall


Angel Falls is the world's highest waterfall with a height of almost one kilometer. It is so high that the water barely hits the ground without being vaporized into mist.

To see Angel Falls requires a dedicated effort. From Ciudad Bolívar, we first took a one hour 5 seater Cessnas plane ride to this tiny village called Canaima. It was the only pass through to Angel Falls. Logistics were a bit complicated – an overnight at the village followed by two separate sets of boat ride (4~5 hrs in total) in the rapids and thunderstorm the second day, another hour trek in the river and the rain forest before finally climbing onto a mountain spot for an up and close shot of the fall. Even my camera was covered with two layers of plastic wraps, it still was severely attacked by the wet adventure.

We stayed at the foot of the waterfall for the second night – there was only hammocks, big ants and mosquitoes. Six of us killed a few hours with Uno game in the candle light after 6pm, and felt obliged to sleep before 9 – there literally was nothing to do.All our effort was finally paid off in the third morning, when we saw the entire drop of the fall from our campsite. It was such a thrilling experience!


May 2008