Mt Bromo volcano in sunrise

Mt Bromo in sunrise, Java, Indonesia

Mt Bromo in sunrise, Java, Indonesia

It was the second morning of my Java weekend trip.I pulled myself out of bed at 3:30am and was ready to see sunrise at Mt. Bromo – not quite yet.Our jeep departed from the local village of Ngadisari, and ventured into the massive Tengger Caldera in complete darkness. I squeezed myself with a few others in the jeep, and kept my eyes wide open.I could barely see anything a few yards away from the jeep.It felt we were in a large desert.

Half an hour mountain climb, we landed at a viewing point right across Mt. Bromo.

Even it was still summer, I wrapped myself with layers of sweaters and jackets, and formed my own unique Bromo fashion almost as funny as Santa Claus. I managed a 30 second exposure to take this fantastic Bromo view in the dawn, where white sulphurous smoke belched from its crater and looked almost like opaque clouds. I spent the next one hour standing in the cold, watching the sun gradually climbing out of horizon and changing the colors of everything I possibly could see.

Undoubtedly, this was one of the few mornings in my life I have ever stayed so awake and fascinated.