3P Creation Process For Alcatraz In Sunset

Alcatraz in sunset

Alcatraz in sunset

This Alcatraz image was created 2 days ago.  Needless to say,  San Francisco is a beautiful city for great photo activities almost every day.

See following my complete 3P Creation Process (read more what I mean by 3P Creation Process)

1. Planning

Know where to stand and set tripod at sunset time (4:54pm was the exact time on Nov 23 for San Francisco).  This was photographed at 4:55pm

2. Photo Creation


  • Canon 5D Mark III

  • Canon 70-200mm 2.8L II USM telescope lense

  • BW 10 stop filter

  • Satechi wireless timer remote control

  • Gitzo Traveler carbon fibre tripod

  • Really Right Stuff BH-40 ballhead with lever release

  • Really Right Stuff Camera L-plate for Canon 5D Mark III

Camera setting

  • ISO100, 80mm, f/20, 5min exposure, Bulb mode

  • Execute a long enough exposure to not only smooth the water surface, but make all the moving sailboats "disappear"

3. Post processing

  • Took me less than 5 seconds in Adobe Lightroom 5, using my own "Magic Light" Landscape Workflow Presets

  • I seldom use photoshop to retouch my photos these days but had to use this time. I removed some tree branches using "content aware move tool" in Photoshop.


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