Greece Trip - Hydra


We took a long overnight cruise ship from Crete to Athens, which none of our friends recommended.  Nevertheless we wanted the experience, even knowing the flight took only 50 minutes while the ship took us a good 8 hours.  To our surprise, the ship was quite an amazing experience.  It was at the size of a Titanic (definitely the largest ship I've ever taken) and could host more than a few Las Vegas casinos.

We arrived at Athens Pireaus port early in the morning but the first boat to Hydra was already filled.  Maybe because of the wait or the crowd in a couple of previous islands (particularly Santorini), Hydra appeared to be a sanctuary.  No motored vehicles were allowed on this island.  We walked nearly everywhere - around the port, Lazaros Koundouriotis Mansion, and the waterfront beach cafes.  Like Santorini, cats were everywhere.  But they were not so aggressive or "friendly" by jumping on your lap or claiming the seat right next to you without your consent.  Our little Hydra Hotel was a good climb up the hill, overlooking the beautiful Hydra town covered by red roofs.  Everything felt like heaven!


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