Houses by Adicora beach

12 Charm at Adicora.jpg

I survived two-day food poisoning in Delta del Orinoco in the middle of my Venezuela trip, after trying a crocodile meal.I stayed with the indigenous and slept in hammock – the only “furniture” in the wooden open-wall bungalow floating on the riverside. I was nowhere close to modern medicine, and had to leave the area one day before planned.5 hours non-stop single motored boat ride to Tucupita, followed by a whole night of bus ride to Valencia, and another 7-hour bumpy one all the way to Coro, I was completely exhausted.

I dragged myself with my camera to the Adicora beach, where I expected no more than some nice tropical breeze.The fishermen town next to the beach looked a bit run-down from its colonial history with Netherland influence.Yet the cheerful colors of the houses, together with the purest blue in the sky, formulated such a perfect picture that simply made my day.Almost instantly, I forgot all the pain and fatigue my body had suffered, and started to enjoy and take pictures.I was surprised how much more inherent strength I possessed than I thought I did.

VenezuelaMay 2008