jelly fish.jpg

I was on another road trip to San Simeon California in February 2008.

The first day I stopped over at Monterey and decided to check out its aquarium.It was the first time I took such an up and close look at jellyfish.

I still vividly remember the pain when it attacked me in Costa Rica just 3 months before.

Even it was only a few seconds, it seemed to me ages when my legs felt like being cut by the huge claws of a gigantic crab.  I did not know jellyfish looked so fragile instead, yet could be so powerful and poisonous.  I learned something new although it took me a long time to heal.

Now so many of them, entangled yet still elegant, were enjoying their time in the aquarium tank.

Of course they were not threatening any more.

I wonder if I were to stand in the water again, how could I know them better if I do not step closer?

Or what do I have got to lose by risking a further step forward?

California, USA

February 2008