Man of passion (2)

Tribesman fire performance at Singapore Safari

Tribesman fire performance at Singapore Safari

It was my first time back to Singapore Safari after 8 years.

Right into the entrance, there was a local tribe performance that attracted a good size of crowd. Although I have seen fire swallow many times before, this was the first time I captured a shot. It looked pretty easy a job to blow the fire for this young man, but it probably took him months or even years’ practice to be this good.

For us to excel at something, I wonder, what counts more: passion or persistence? Among the many hobbies I have developed over the years, I have persistently and consistently pursued three: travel, photography and eating potatoes. I am not sure how the last will earn me any credit, but I certainly wish one day I will become an expert in travel and photography.

Both, I have no doubt, are my true passion, and exist for a reason.

Singapore Safari

October 2008