My Favorite Photo Subject Besides Landscape

I have held off talking about this subject for a long time - I mean as long as 10 years. 

I love children, and I love photographing children, just as much as I love photographing landscape.  

A&O 2019-06-09-011.jpg

It might be hard to connect the two, but I found great similarities.

Landscape and children photography allow me to explore the truth and deepest meaning in the mother and human nature.  Both are unpretentious, truthful in showing their real nature, and thus could be unpredictable, hard to pose or manipulate.  

Orion at Cullipher Farm 2019-05-30-17-2.jpg

To capture their best side, I have to let go myself.  Instead, observe and immerse myself in their moments.  Be present.  Each photo click reflects the specific connection in that specific moment. 

Orion at Redwing Park 2019-06-06-4.jpg

Coming from a type A personality to control almost everything in life, I learned tremendously from photographing children, long before I had my own.  As a matter of fact, I photographed hundreds of family and young children 10 years ago.   


I learned that the best way of becoming a friend with young children was to let them be themselves.  The best way to communicate with them was to ask questions, and listen, rather than request them to follow your orders.  

Orion at Cullipher Farm 2019-05-30-5.jpg

I had many shortcomings.  The major one was patience.  Photographing children, and landscape, taught me to slow down and be patient.  If they have a bad moment, you can’t rush it.

A&O 2019-06-09-002.jpg

In a sense, they make me a better, and probably, wiser person.

Like many new parents, I photograph my own children almost on a daily basis since they were born.

As much as I liked to be out and capture landscape, I enjoyed spending time with my little ones, photographing their growth, and embracing their changes.

A&O in VA 2019-06-15-003.jpg

I have barely updated my website and other online channels for the past 5 years.  Not because of the challenge given the limited sleep and time I had (kudos to all the other moms who made it through), but because I didn’t find a formula to produce additional landscape photography content on a regular basis.  Nor did I want to confuse you, who probably stumbled on my website because of landscape photography, by posting children photos that were the focal point of my life and inspiration in the past 5 years.


Well… Why now, you might ask, am I writing this post and sharing my thoughts?  

I guess it’s exactly why I shared my photography passion with you from the beginning.  I was sharing my knowledge and experience in landscape photography, not because I wanted to be framed as a professional landscape photographer, but rather, because I LOVE what I did. 

Virginia Beach Aquarium 2018-09-08-009.jpg

I want to be honest about who I am, about the true driver behind my photo passion and inspiration, over different stages of my life. While I didn’t stand in front of gorgeous scenes as much as I wanted in the past 5 years, I haven’t stopped clicking my cameras. Through each click, I learned something new, about my camera, my children, myself, and my connection with them and the world.

A&O 2019-06-09-006.jpg

I will continue to share my photo stories and tips, and will be humbly honored if they can help you take better photos, and document better memories in your own life and journey.  

Last but not least, all the above photos were taken from the same camera and lens. (See How I Downsized To One Camera And One Lens)


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