one leg boat rowing technique at Inle Lake

one leg boat rowing technique at Inle Lake.jpg

One of Inle Lake’s unusual features is its unique “one-legged fishermen”, who apply an original, eccentric method of boat rowing technique with one leg. With the other, they balance precariously on the edge of their sampans, leaving onlookers as much bewilderment as appreciation.

I had an afternoon tea break at Inle Princess, one of the most beautiful hotels on Inle Lake, where motored boats were not allowed in the surrounding to keep its tranquility. We had to take the traditional “one-legged” fishing boat to quietly leave the resort. It was late afternoon, and the sun started to descend. I was sitting on the boat right behind the fisherman, and enjoyed the sound of the waves created by his paddle. It was the only sound I could hear, and everything seemed to be in complete harmony and peace.

Inle Lake, Myanmar

December 2008