Timelapse Photography In Iceland

This is a belated timelapse photography project including 500 frames I shot in Iceland this March, over a span of 8 hours on two consecutive nights. 

All photos were shot under the stars during the full moon night on March 16 and the night after, except the Strokkur geyser eruption. 

I could still remember the wind - it was so strong that I could not find any possible words to describe it.  There was no way I could stand still no matter which direction I was facing.  In the end I simply left my camera out set on the lowest tripod position for the whole night, using the car to protect it from the wind on one side. 

It was hard to fall asleep knowing that I might wake up never seeing my camera again.  Fortunately, everything was in one piece.  The northern light was shot with bright moon on Mar 17, second night after full moon.  It wasn't particularly strong compared to the moonlight, nevertheless still a nice show.

If you are new to night photography, check out my earlier blog post about how to start night photography.

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