How To Arrange Your Photo Activities In The Evening

Yesterday was the special day of the month again - it was the full moon day.  I spent 1.5 hours at Coit Tower photographing San Francisco's city skyline during sunset and at night.  I've recorded the following video detailing how I planned my photo logistics and maximize my chances to get good photos on a particular day.  It's important to understand not only what to photograph, but also what to avoid in order to maximize your photo experience.

I mentioned in the video that if I only had 30 minutes to photograph landscape, I would pick the 30 minute window between sunset and twilight, when the light is soft and the clouds are beautiful.  I typically will face north, south or west for landscape photography during this time.  However, I also mentioned in my previous video to face east during sunset (or face west during sunrise) for the best colors of landscape.  This is typically done during the 20-30 minutes before sunset.  Therefore there's no set rule on the perfect direction, and the perfect time.   The more effective decisions we make on where to stand given the particular time, or what time to photograph given the particular place, the more likely we can score a good photo.

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