When And How To Photograph Fall Colors

Day 65 - Golden Gate Canyon State Park-002.jpg

If you are into fall colors like I do, October is typically the best time of the year to photograph them (for those of us living in Northern Hemisphere).  I mentioned before that the best time to photograph the colors of mountains or clouds is during sunrise or sunset.

However, the fall colors are best captured in strong sun light, for example between 10-4pm.  The direct sunlight will bring out the brightest colors from the leaves into your camera.

As to how to photograph the colors, it's pretty darn simple, just make sure to shoot in the above suggested time window. 

Avoid shooting into the sun by all means, unless your entire or majority image is covered by leaves in close distance (in another word, you meter the exposure correctly on the leaves but not the sun).  The latter will only give you a silhouette that turn the tree into dark color.


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